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Fresh Tomato with Two Eggs & Beef over Rice

posted Nov 14, 2011, 8:51 PM by Amy Lee
This is a regional Cantonese dish & considered an all time favorite among Hong Kong diners.  For this dish, we scald fresh ripe tomatoes & divide them into thick wedges.  Marinated beef lion strips are flash cook with minced garlic in a hot wok.  We stir fry the beef until it is toasty brown then add in ginger & tomatoes.  Lastly, we cooked up a rich, thick tomato sauces that is sweet yet tangy.  Along with the beef, we pour this over hot rice & paired two pan fried over easy egg. This plate over rice dish comes with two eggs or beef, but the best way to eat it is with both (additional charge).

You can find this dish in the “Hong Kong Style Menu” under “HK Style Plate Rice (Over Rice)”