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By Howard Seftel
The Republic |
Mon Jan 27, 2014  
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2010 Phoenix New Times "Best Chinese Restaurant"

That's 3 years in a row!!!!!!

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"Asian Café Express serves up Hong Kong-style five-spice beef and hot pots" (August 28, 2008)

Phoenix Rail Food (April 24, 2007)

Restaurant critic reviewed by: Howard Seftel, The Arizona Republic, March 24, 2007

Asian Cafe Express 4 stars

For decades, Michael Leung attracted fans of Chinatown-quality food at Gourmet House of Hong Kong. Now he's doing it at Asian Cafe Express.

It's a bare-bones place, with plastic seats and daily specials written in English and Chinese on the walls. But there's nothing bare-bones about the authentic, budget-priced food.

Zero in on hearty specialty soups like Hong Kong-style preserved vegetable and pork or Taiwanese ground pork and noodle, each a meal in a bowl.

Still hungry?

Look for minced-pork eggplant hot pot, five-spice pork, deep-fried whole shrimp and superb noodles, especially the beef chow fun and squid chow mein in black bean sauce.