Set Dinners

Beijing Set Dinner ($31.99)
- Sour Vegetable Shredded Pork Soup (or choose your own)
- Spicy Sauce Chicken (bone-in or bone-out)
- Preserved Vegetable & Shredded Pork
- Twice Cooked Pork
- Salt & Pepper Squid
- Fresh & Black Mushroom Beef

Canton Set Dinner ($31.99)
- Grandma Style Soup (or choose your own)
- Chinese Broccoli Beef
- Beef Stew Turnip
- Combo Tofu
- Steamed Chicken or Chicken w/ Vegetables
- Hong Kong Style Fish Fillet

Hometown Set Dinner  ($31.99)
- Grandma Style Soup (or choose your own)
- Salted Shrimp Sauce with Suckling Roast Pork and Tofu
- Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice
- Country Style Sauce with Chicken
- Taro Spared Rib
- Chinese Sausage with Chinese Broccoli

Hong Kong Set Dinner  ($31.99)
- Beef with Egg White Tofu Soup
- Choy Sum Stir-fry with Beef
- Hong Kong Style Sweet & Sour Pork (with or without bone)
- Ginger Green Onion Fish Fillet
- Bitter Melon Pork Ribs
- Braised Tofu

Hot Pot Style
Set Dinner煲煲香 ($35.99)
- Your Choice of Soup (汤自选)
- Beef Stew Turnip Hot Pot (萝卜牛腩煲)
- Combo Tofu Hot Pot (八珍豆腐煲)
- Bittermelon or Eggplant with Pork Spare Ribs Hot Pot (苦瓜或芋头排骨煲)
- Eggplant with Chinese Sausage Hot Pot (腊肠茄子煲)
- Satay Vermicelli Fried ToFu Hot Pot (spicy) (沙爹粉丝油豆腐煲)

Northern Set Dinner  ($31.99)
- Tomato with Egg Drop Soup
- Spicy Sauce with Chicken Fillet
- Garlic Minced Meat Sauce and Pork (spicy)
- Szechuan Style Shrimp
- Eggplant with Suckling Roast Pork (brown sauce)
- Spicy and Garlic with Vegetable

Seafood Set Dinner ($31.99)
- Seafood Tofu Soup
- Boiled Shrimp
- Salt & Pepper Crab
- Black Bean Sauce Clam
- Hong Kong Style Fish Fillet
- Black Mushroom Bok Choy

Spicy Set Dinner  ($31.99)
- Tom Yam Kung Soup
- XO Sauce Beef
- Satay Sauce with Shredded Pork
- Hot Bean Sauce Chicken
- Szechuan Style Fish Fillet
- Spicy Oil with Tofu

Szechuan Set Dinner  ($31.99)
- Hot & Sour Soup or Preserved Szechuan Vegetable Shredded Pork Tofu Soup
- Kung Pao Shrimp
- Garlic Minced Meat Sauce & Eggplant
- Ma Po Tofu
- Szechuan Spicy Water Boiled Pork or Beef
- Fresh & Black Mushroom Chicken

Lucky Seven ($52.99 for set dinner or
a la carte

- Tom Yam Kung Soup  (冬荫功汤)                                                                                               $7.00

- Salt and Pepper Shrimp (whole Shrimp or Shrimp meat)/ Salt and Pepper Squid   $8.00

     椒盐虾(有头或无头) 椒盐鲜鱿               

- Deep Fried whole Flounder Fish (酥炸龍利全鱼)                                                                     $8.99

- Szechuan Style Hot Sauce With Seafood and Tofu (麻辣海鲜豆腐)                                    $10.00

- Ginger Onion Sauce/Black Bean Sauce With Seafood Delight                                           $16.00

  姜葱或豉汁 花蟹,青口,蚬

- Lemongrass Sauce With Eggplant and Squid  (香茅汁茄子鲜鱿)                                        $12.00

- Bitter Melon  or Preserved Szechuan Vegetable with Scrambled Egg                             $7.22